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Commercial Bridge Loans

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If you need urgent cash to close a Commercial Real Estate deal, a Bridge loan can be the solution:


With a Bridge Loan, you get the quick cash to purchase your next investment property, make renovations or improvements and have enough time to put it on the market.

Bridge Loan



Who is it for

Standard Bridge Loan

If you are an investor looking to buy higher-end commercial properties, or cash out on commercial properties with more flexibility (see list below), then consider our standard bridge loans for the capital you need.

Fix & Flip

If you are an investor looking to buy discounted properties, fix them up, and sell/flip them within 12 months, then consider our fix and flip bridge loans for the capital you need.


Our 30-year rental loan product was designed to help savvy investors capitalize on the rapidly growing rental market.

Bridge Loan



Or you can use the quick funding from a Standard Bridge Loan for:

  • Structured Transactions

  • Property acquisitions

  • Note acquisitions

  • Recapitalizations

  • Complex deal structures

  • Bankruptcy and receivership resolutions

  • Rehabilitation / construction

  • Redevelopment / repositioning

  • Lease-up / stabilization

  • Partner buy-out

  • Other uses depending on borrower’s specific needs


The usual terms for the bridge loans we offer are:





Typical Loan Size

Origination fee

Standard Bridge Loan

Up to 3 years

9.0 % and up

Up to 80%

$1 MM - $50 MM

2% - 6%

Fix & Flip

Up to 1 year

8.19 % - 12.9%

Up to 90%

$75 K - $2 MM

2% - 4%


Up to 30 years

5.99 % and up

Up to 75%

$75 K - $2 MM

2% - 4%

Bridge Loan






We are now offering commercial bridge loans to our customers  in the US , and select International Locations.

Currently we can arrange International Bridge loans in most countries in Western Europe, North, Central and South America, and Australia.

This of course depends on the political and financial situation of each individual country, which changes over time. International loan terms vary widely.

Please contact us  to ask for more information about our Bridge loans or to find out if we are currently arranging bridge loans in specific countries.

To enter the online Bridge Loan application form, please click here


We would be happy to discuss the details of your Commercial Bridge Loan with you !


We take pride in providing our clients with quick, professional, and courteous service, working with them to meet their bridge loan needs.

Call us today at Toll Free  📞 1-833-996-6837    /    📞 1 (833) 99NOTES ! We will discuss your specific needs and recommend a specific path of action. Or you can contact us  providing some details on your specific situation or bridge loan needs and we will get back to you.

Bridge Loan


To enter the online Bridge Loan application form, please click here


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