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Get top dollar for your mortgage note

How does the current real estate situation affect selling your note? Click here to find out



If you have been receiving monthly payments for your mortgage note, you can cash out all your future payments in a lump sum now !


Individual Note holders will be delighted to know that there is a way to get cash within 2 weeks.


Although interest rates have kept low in recent years and it is relatively easy to obtain a mortgage these days, any Realtor will tell you that many real estate transactions donít go through because of lack of suitable financing.


Property owners looking to sell a piece of real estate are glad to offer seller-financing in order to close a deal.


A long-term mortgage note that pays regularly could be a great investment, if you are willing to wait. Many times, after financing a property sale, noteholders find themselves in a situation where they need to liquidate this note.


This is where we can help. We are actively looking for private mortgage notes nationwide and will make an offer on your note that you canít refuse. Contact us or Request a free quote online.


Keep this in mind :


  • If there is a consistent payment record that establishes that payments have been made regularly and on time, then the note will be priced as a performing note.


  • If there is a spotty record of payment, meaning that the payer has been late in some payments, but never more than 30 days, the note will be priced as a medium performing note or slow paying note


  • If payments have been consistently late and/or theyíve been late by more than 30 days, the note then becomes non-performing.


There are different levels of non-performing notes, but they all sell at a deep discount.


So, if your note is starting to non-perform, your best option is to sell it right away.


There are many factors that affect the value of a note, and we have included most of them in our Note Factors page. Itís always a good idea to come to the table with a good understanding of how the market views your own note. It will make the process a lot easier for everybody.


You can start by contacting us or requesting a free quote online. Weíll be glad to make an offer for your mortgage note



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