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We can help investors buy, sell and flip properties quickly and hassle free


If you need urgent cash to buy any Commercial Real Estate property, a Bridge loan can be the solution:


Bridge Loan


If you want to purchase or flip a commercial property, we can offer you a wide variety of Bridge Loans and even longer-term financing.

Click here for more information on our Bridge Loan packages


If you need to sell your Real Estate property, we can help you with seller financing:


Seller Financing


We help property owners, investors and renovators selling real estate nationwide through seller financing and by purchasing the mortgage notes using simultaneous closing.


Do you have a property that has not sold? Any buyers that can't qualify? Any non-conforming properties? Any deals that just won't close? We can help close them all - we solve problems! We get deals done with less hassle and much faster!


Introducing... Seller Financing and Simultaneous Closing. This is a unique selling and financing strategy that helps property owners, real estate agents and brokers sell properties fast, especially with properties or prospective buyers that do not conform to the traditional lending/mortgage requirements. You may be losing out on opportunities! 



How does it work ?  


In a nutshell, it involves the property owner (seller) offering seller financing and taking back a mortgage note, that we then buy within days of the real estate closing.

This involves two transactions:

  1. A new private mortgage note is created as part of the Real Estate purchase and is recorded.

  2. The same note is assigned to us within days of the Real Estate closing.

At the conclusion of this simultaneous transaction, the seller receives his funds and we get the mortgage note.




Why is this such a great deal ? 

  • It is well known that seller-financing attracts more buyers and sells properties much quicker than conventional methods.

  • Our qualifying criteria is much more lenient than banks. We close deals that they wouldn’t touch with a twenty-foot pole.

  • The seller gets all the benefits of a quick closing and cash within days.

  • No small monthly payments to receive. We take over the financing and the property owner gets a lump sum of cash.

  • You get a free quote and we don’t charge processing fees.


Who can benefit from this ?  

  • Real Estate owners that want to sell quickly.

  • Realtors having problems closing a deal due to financing or lack of buyer’s interest.

  • Investors that want to turn over a property quickly to avoid ongoing costs and to move their money to a different venture.

  • Attorneys, CPAs and Real Estate consultants whose clients are in one of the above categories.

  • Loan originators that want to provide good service even when a loan application is rejected.

  • Title Agencies and escrow companies that want to salvage a deal that falls through at the closing table due to financing.


Many houses remain unsold and many deals unclosed just by not knowing this technique.


Give us a try !  Contact us or request a free online quote.


Please visit our website to get all the details about this technique and request your free quote.



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