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Get top dollar for your real estate note

If you are considering the possibility of selling your mortgage or real estate note and are looking for a lump sum of cash now, give us a call today!


We buy mortgage notes and real estate secured contracts nationwide: 1st mortgages and 2nd position mortgages, land contracts, notes on residential properties and commercial properties. You can receive your funds usually in as little as 2-3 weeks.


We are dedicated to providing you with professional, personal and confidential service, as well as the highest payout for your real estate note. To sell your note quickly and hassle free contact us or call us : (833) 99NOTES


How does the current real estate situation affect selling your note? Click here to find out




You can also fill out our Online Quote Request Form as follows 


Purchase Process


These are the steps that are required to cash out your note: 



1Call our office to provide information about your real estate note. It is recommended that you have available when you call: your mortgage note, and the payor's payment history.
2 We will evaluate the information based on the current balance of the note, amount of equity in the property, the interest rate, the payor's payment history and credit rating. We will prepare a quote for you that will be the highest possible price for your real estate note, usually within 24 hours.
3 Upon your acceptance of the price, we will send you a contract and a list of documents needed. These can be sent to us by fax or by overnight express.
4 We will review the documents and order an appraisal of the property.
5 After review of the appraisal, we will order the title insurance and prepare the closing documents for you to review, sign and return to us by fax or overnight express. Your funds will be express mailed or wired directly to the title company for disbursement.


If you have any further questions concerning the purchase process and about receiving your money, please visit our FAQ page. You may also Call us at 1-833-996-6837   / 1 (833) 99NOTES for any additional information.



 Some recommendations to speed up the closing process: 

  • Have available a copy of important documents concerning your note: mortgage document, the note, title insurance, property insurance, appraisal, if any, etc.

  • If you do not have a current appraisal, it is recommended that you have an idea of the current value of the property.

  • Keep good payment history records, including copies of all monthly payment checks. 


Your Purchase Options


We can make a full purchase of the real estate or mortgage note, in which we would buy all remaining payments for a lump sum now.

If you have a specific dollar amount in mind, a partial purchase is usually an attractive option. We would buy only some of the payments so that you would receive what you need now and you would still be able to receive future payments.

For example, a cash flow with a term of 360 months: we could purchase the 180 front end payments, with the remaining 180 payments (and balloon, if applicable) going back to you.

We also provide other programs that may be of interest to you in selling your mortgage note. If you would like more information, contact us or give us a call!

Most noteholders created their notes for individuals or businesses that couldn't have got loans through traditional banking sources in order to sell their properties more quickly, or because of the long-term income these real estate cash flows would provide. But quite often circumstances change and there are a number of reasons why a large lump sum may be preferred over small monthly payments:


an investment opportunity
open own business
invest in a better education
home improvements
buy a new car
take a dream vacation
financial changes
and many other reasons ...


 If you are a Realtor, Broker or Real Estate Owner...


Do you have a property that has not sold? Any buyers that can't qualify? Any non-conforming properties? Any deals that just won't close? We can help close them all! We solve problems! We get deals done with less hassle and much faster!


Introducing... Seller Financing and Simultaneous Closing. This is a unique selling and financing strategy that helps property owners, real estate agents and brokers sell properties fast, especially with properties or prospective buyers that do not conform to the traditional lending/mortgage requirements. You may be losing out on opportunities! To find out more about how this amazing program works and how it can benefit you, click on our Realtors or Real Estate Owners  page.



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